Philanthropic capitalism

Philanthropy  noun

the practice of helping the poor and those in need, especially by giving money

Capitalism noun

an economic system in which a country’s businesses and industry are controlled and run for profit by private owners rather than by the government.

Oxford dictionary

Philanthropic capitalism

We  aim at a simple and clear approach on how corporate gains can be linked to philanthropy and having a direct impact.

In line with our corporate and personal culture we set humble targets and challenge ourselves to achieve the growth our philanthropic philosophy deserves.

Our efforts are focused on growing our philanthropic budget and also motivate others taking on similar projects and stance towards philanthropy.

Philanthropic board

A team of experienced professionals with global reach and genuine interest in ESG topics sharing a common vision of linking philanthropy with market-related actions. The philanthropic board enables us to identify the areas within the social, cultural and environmental sphere where our contribution can have the maximum impact.

Philanthropic capitalism

Carolina Partheni Angelopoulos

Board Advisor, GAPSTI, University of Cambridge

Carolina is a London-based former private equity professional now supporting start ups and entrepreneurs on an advisory capacity. She currently advises the Technology Transfers committee of GAPSTI, a unique program of training, research, and entrepreneurial activity based out of the University of Cambridge.

Philanthropic capitalism


TrailMix Ventures, General Partner

Marina is the Founder and General Partner of TMV – a leading early stage holding company focused on ideas that will transform industries and inspire new ones. Prior to TMV, Marina served as VP of Investor Relations for Dorian LPG, where she led the in-house roadshow for a $135M raise on behalf of the 150-year-old maritime business (NYSE: LPG) and also formed Filotimo Partners, a private investment arm for her family. In 2018, Marina received the NYOT Innovators and Disruptors award for venture capital. She is a board member of Welcome Baby and sits on the board of the North American Marine Environmental Protection Agency, where she has been an active member since 2010.

Philanthropic capitalism

Antonis Gkiouras

Hellenic Asset Management, Managing Partner

Antonis is co-founder and managing partner at Hellenic Asset Management, a leading wealth management house in Greece. He has worked in the financial and shipping sector since 2003, primarily in capital markets and asset management. Prior to Hellenic, he worked in the Equity Derivatives desk at Marfin Hellenic Securities as well as the proprietary trading desk in the Treasury and Capital Markets Division at Marfin Egnatia Bank. He has also been actively involved in shipping from a investment management standpoint.

Our first project: Supporting the elderly via asset management

Joining forces with Hellenic Asset Management and partnering up with Desmos (as our philanthropic custodian) we innovate by bringing to the market two mutual funds with philanthropic share classes. The project’s objective is to provide monthly income to elderly people in Greece, living under the poverty line, for a minimum 12-month period.

Philanthropic capitalism
Philanthropic capitalism
Philanthropic capitalism